Why OmniCX

Getting your great idea live was never so quick!

Why OmniCX

Boost revenue, reduce costs and look good

A complete solution, with advanced feature set

OmniCX provides more out-of-the-box features as standard than any other ecommerce platform, including PIM, content management, multi-site support, advanced merchandising and promotions, Relevant Intelligence and advanced SEO capabilities, helping to increase revenues through improved, unified customer experiences.

Explore what OmniCX platform can do

Scalable technology that empowers your business

OmniCX is built with a 100% API-first philosophy, transforming the way a commerce platform can be implemented or customised. Because OmniCX is based on a completely open REST API architecture, creativity to innovate is not limited by technology or development. Using our APIs you can extend anything you like, integrate new technologies, and customise your store however you like.

Fast to implement, easy to customise and evolve

Our platform is designed to quickly and easily integrate with your existing systems, enabling you to be up and running in minimal time so you can start to see a return on your investment. Once you’re live, OmniCX keeps you firmly in control, with self-service capabilities reducing dependence on developers and a comprehensive set of business tools available through the intuitive BusinessHub.

Omnichannel and responsive

Customers demand relevant, intuitive and targeted experiences; when, where and how they choose to engage with you. OmniCX covers all the bases with fully responsive websites, mobile apps and an in-store hub. OmniCX can help you deliver an omnichannel model to match your needs.

Data driven commerce

OmniCX’s Relevant Intelligence provides customer insights based on behavioural analysis, with integrated analytics to segment your customer data and create personalised promotions based on real data. Highlight product and customer trends that drive sales. Analyse ecommerce performance. Get closer to your customers through in-built behavioural analysis. Respond with timely, personalised product promotions to achieve higher conversions. Enjoy integrated analytics to segment your customer data and create tuned promotions that deliver results.

Design and create amazing looking sites

We’ve built the OmniCX platform to make it easy for UX and UI designers to create amazing user experiences and stunning visual designs. The platform’s capabilities are entirely exposed via the API giving a high degree of freedom to developers and designers to customise the front end. To get you started, we offer a white labelled website template that you can customise to give you complete control over user journeys, experience, behaviour and look and feel.

Commercial models that work for you

OmniCX is a cost effective platform with no hidden costs, giving you transparency and predictability. We offer an extensive feature set as standard, regular updates included, flexible pricing models and a world-class customer services and support infrastructure. As we’ll only charge you for what you use and only when you need it, you can be sure your operating budget won’t be burdened with paying for excess capacity. Our pricing models are designed to match the size of your business. In the cloud, on-premise, or through our hybrid model we can find the right commercial model for your business today and tomorrow.

World class support and partner ecosystem

Our team of specialists will provide you with support throughout the project life-cycle, from advising on platform and technical questions before and during the project, to resolving any issues, and supporting the implementation and providing post-launch support. We also have a trusted community of digital agencies, technology companies and system integrators who can help you commerce solution.

Advanced feature set with ultimate flexibility

The rich feature set provided out of the box covers the complete spectrum of site and page management helping you to manage your commerce sites efficiently. All of the information, content blocks, front end snippets etc are exposed through the API to ensure that regardless of the channel – mobile, web, store, the customer gets the same content and experience every time.

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