Product Information Management

Enhance your products to help customers make decision to buy them.


Configure, Manage, Enrich and Deliver engaging product content

Importing, Categorising and Enriching Your Products, Made Simple

The OmniCX PIM allows you to master, configure, structure, and deliver your product information to your customers via multiple channels. As a part of master data management; you can easily import products, classify brands, structure their categories and configure attributes.

Easy integration with your ERP

Integrate easily with your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for catalogue management, pricing, inventory and orders. Our platform supports bulk import and intelligently maps to brands and categories.

Localise your offering

Enhance your customers’ experience by editing, translations and localising product information and content for your audience.

Richer product content

Our rich content fields allow you to define meta information, keywords and localised multi-images to help you present your products in compelling ways.

Drive as many variants as needed through custom attributes

With our custom attribute feature, any number of attributes can be built and associated with a product or a category. This helps your customers to easly navigate to products, solutions or inspiration for something they did think they wanted. Set variants for different attributes or bundle products to improve navigation and selection.

Faceted navigation

Dynamically manage faceted navigation around product features and attributes, or build guided product selectors based on interactive questioning.

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