Effective Merchandising through insight !


Use customer 360 to inform merchandiser decision on what to sell and to who.

Complete Control

With a completely flexible front-end presentation layer, your UX and UI team can design the optimum experiences for your customers - and you can deploy OmniCX’s merchandising tools where and when you need them. That makes launching a new brand or a site refresh, a simple, enjoyable redesign without the need for a complex and costly technical development project.

Omnichannel agility

OmniCX enables your merchandisers to build rules that can present content, products or apply promotions to a customer based on a product viewed, their basket value and the channel they are using. This level of control will give your business teams the creativity to build engaging customer experience that drive conversion rates and customer loyalty. Your customers will be comforted by the consistency of experience and service across channels.

Flawless Consistency

Multiple channels, multiple brands, multiple geographies; one platform. With our best-of-breed PIM, CMS and order management underpinning your business you can be confident that your customer is getting a single version of the truth however they choose to shop with you. Once the product set up is done, you can focus your energies on the real value-adds: like catwalk videos, lifestyle blogs, project bundles, campaigns, and delighting your customers every day.

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