Best of breed capabilities with mission critical performance


Enterprise grade scalability, reliability, robustness and security

Infinitely scalable

Built on Azure, OmniCX offers the unrivalled, pain-free scalability to grow seamlessly with your business. Helping to support your ongoing growth and to manage the peaks and troughs of your trading calendar. Best of all, we only charge you for what you use and only when you need it, so you don’t pay for excess capacity.

Always available

OmniCX is backed-up with a dual geo-redundant instance configuration, to provide 99.95% availability. Allowing you to be confident in the resilience of your business systems.

A modern commerce platform architected for the cloud

OmniCX is a full omnichannel commerce solution designed for the mid-market retailer. With a modern architecture designed for the cloud, and built with a 100% API-first philosophy, we transform the way a commerce platform can be implemented. Welcome to the platform where customisation and creativity to innovate are not limited by technology or development.

100% API-first

OmniCX is built with a 100% API-first philosophy, transforming the way a commerce platform can be implemented or customised. Because OmniCX is based on a completely open REST API architecture, creativity to innovate is not limited by technology or development. Using our APIs you can extend anything you like, integrate new technologies, and customise your store however you like.

A complete suite of features that you can expand

OmniCX provides more out-of-the-box features as standard than any other ecommerce platform, including PIM, content management, multi-site support, advanced merchandising and promotions, Relevant Intelligence and advanced SEO capabilities, helping to increase revenues through improved, unified customer experiences.

Flexibility to create and evolve

The OmniCX platform makes it easy for you to design amazing user experiences. The platform’s capabilities are entirely exposed via the API, giving a high degree of freedom to developers and designers to customise the front end. You can also customise our white labelled website template, to create your own user journeys, experiences, behaviours and visual design.

Upgrades without impact

We are constantly learning and innovating here at OmniCX. Our continuous integration and release cycles ensure that we are delivering value to our customers throughout the year, with quarterly releases in addition to hot fixes that are reported by our customers. The OmniCX platform is updated in the background without you noticing, allowing you to focus on delivering great experiences for your customers.

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