Advanced commerce tools to help grow your business


Design, Build and Sell More

Get started with a fully customisable white label site

To help you get your website up and running quickly and easily, we provide a reference site that incorporates the industry's best practices across the board, access code included. You can build on the site, with unlimited freedom to customise; user experience, journeys, behaviours, and design to meet your specifications.

Help customers to buy

Optimise conversion and sales with OmniCX’s advanced basket and checkout. With the flexibility of multiple delivery and payment options you can build stickiness into customer journeys through customised wish lists and lookbooks. Customers can also search across products, brands and rich content - all at the same time.

Run multiple sites with ease

OmniCX allows you to run multiple domains or brands from one centralised hub. With multi-lingual, multi-currency and region specific cataloges and pricing, you can create and manage additional stores, brand and country sites.

Deliver better customer service

Our customer-centric array of platform features includes a customer360 view, Feefo integration,search, all of which add up to a better customer service experience, translating into happier customers and greater customer loyalty. And - coming soon - an artificially intelligent bot that allows users to check their order status via any communication channel - skype, email, sms or Facebook Messenger.

Boost your mobile presence

Mobile apps can enhance customer experience, increase engagement and boost your sales. We provide a white-labelled iOS mobile app out-of-the-box, along with its customisable source code to design an app that adds a new dimension to your mobile offer.

Learn and act faster with builtin reporting and analytics

More than ever, business success depends on what data you collect, how you interpret it and how you act upon it. Business reports backed by powerful analytics provide actionable insights and help you keep a sharp eye on your business.

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