Commerce architected for the cloud


A modern commerce architecture designed and build for the cloud.

Manage Peaks: Auto-upgrade, Auto-Scale

The OmniCX platform is designed to automatically scale, as required without restriction. Advanced planning of busy periods can be handled through auto-scaling which adjusts to increased website traffic as and when required.


One of the core OmniCX principles is to capitalize on the benefits provided by Azure services and where possible complement the actual features and software development rather than just use it as a managed infrastructure. In the same way, provide our customers with support to run their business rather than just running their ecommerce platform.


Capitalizing on the built-in security features of Azure, the OmniCX platform is continuously scanned for any new or known vulnerabilities. We adopt the Open Web Application Security Project to design the ten most critical Web Application Security Risks into our platform to ensure that we deliver a secured platform for our customers.


The OmniCX platform is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) in the cloud taking away all of the related challenges of infrastructure providers, different support teams, integrations, upgrades, etc. and helps businesses focus on growing their business and reducing their costs.

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